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        SAFT IBC is the package that is used for the storage and transportation of chemical and edible liquids. SAFT IBC is composed of a high density folding box, food grade PE liner and wooden pallet. Convenient in operation and economical, it is an ideal alternative of traditional drum, plastic IBC and ISO tank.
        SAFT IBC has three types: SAFT Paper IBC and SAFT Wooden IBC, SAFT Plastic IBC ,consisting of high density corrugated box and wooden box and corrosion resistance PP . As Paper type IBC can be folded, freight cost and storage fee are greatly saved.
        The whole process of material purchasing, manufacturing, and quality control is in strict accordance with requirements of ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000. The capacity is ranging from 200 L to 1200 L according to products and requirements of customers. And Top Loading & Discharging, Top Loading & Bottom Discharging and other types of products are also available for customers.