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        Qingdao SAFT Package Co., Ltd is one of the most professional and largest Packaging enterprises in China, with good performances in designing and manufacturing of innovative bulk liquid packaging solutions, providing more efficient and more affordable packaging. At SAFT, we are pleased to confirm our commitment to your business needs, which allows us to deliver our customers' products safely and reliably from loading point to the final destination. Also SAFT has established a solid base of customers and distributors in Malaysia, South East Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia.
        All SAFT products are manufactured in ISO 9001 facilities to strict quality standards, the ingredients of which are approved by the U.S Food & Drugs Administration for the carriage of a wide range of liquid foodstuffs.
        SAFT products cost less than similar shipping containers while handle more volume in less space, making them cost-efficient.

        We regard your satisfaction as our outmost importance